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  • manovedh wellness center
  • manovedh wellness center
  • manovedh wellness center
Relationship Counselling
Learn Skills to make your Realationship Thrive
Premarital Counseling

Most couples spend more time planning their weddings than their marriages! With divorce rates at an all-time high, it seems that couples are facing more challenges than ever in preserving their relationship and also in nurturing the relationship to grow...

Marriage Counselling

Marriage is a bedrock institution in our society. A happy marriage is not only what most of us want, but that is actually best for us. Research shows us a lot of positive data associated with happy marriages. Happily married people have longer lives, fewer illnesses, and higher self-concepts, less stress, more economic stability, and happier children. But sometime marriage doesn’t work and divorce and divorce seems to be the only option....

Family Counselling

Family is a corner stone of our Indian culture. Family and marriage institutions are challenged for change in today’s dynamic world. This has generated a need to provide guidance regarding how to live happy married life and prosperous co-existence.

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