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Hello, I’m Chitra Kelkar,

Founder and Director, Manvedh Wellness Centre

Contact details: cnkelkar75@gmail.com +91982108331

Chitra is alumina of V.G.Vaze college and topper of the academic year 1994-95. She has done her masters in Psychology (counseling and guidance) from Mumbai University in 1997. She has done a certificate course in Yoga and she regularly practices yoga. She is a certified NLP practitioner. She is also certified as Mindfulness and executive coach by International Coach Federation.

She has 25 years of teaching experience as she was a faculty for Psychology in S.K. Somaiya College since 1998. She has done minor research on ‘Analysis of the need and content of the mental health program for the college students.’ She is a practicing counseling psychologist and NLP practitioner at Thane for last 25 years and her focal counseling areas are marital counseling, counseling to clients with anxiety and depression. She is involved in wellness counseling and coaching and has coached clients for weight loss, goal setting, breaking old habits and building new one, to overcome procrastination.

She has been called as a resource person by many industries and educational institutions to train the staff for motivation, leadership, self-management, goal setting, team building etc. Reliance Energy Management Institute (REMI) Empire spices and foods, (popularly known as Rambandhu Masale )Nasik, Bank of India, Saraswat Bank and Punjab National Bank, are some renowned clients of her. She has been resource person in number of schools for adolescent mental health, emotional intelligence, parent guidance and stress management

She has written articles in local newspaper. She has been a resource person in an online telephone program titled ‘Mann Maze’ at SAAM TV. She was also part of five day series on ‘Peace of Mind, channel of ‘Bramhakumaris’ at Abu as an expert host for the program ‘Pankhana bal dya’.It was a series for building character and motivation in children. Currently she is contributing an article every week on ‘marital and premarital counseling’ in a local newspaper ‘Thane Vaibhav’

She has been instrumental in developing a smoking cessation program with an organization named SMOTECT. She has formulated 12-step program for smoking cessation. The program is based on mindfulness practices and cognitive behavioural therapy principles.

She believes that application of principles of Psychology will help individuals to lead a prosperous life. She practices it in her daily life. She is meditating and practicing mindfulness for twelve years.

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Book for Consultation

We are interested in developing a collaborative relationship with you in which we try to decide together what kind of treatment would be best for you. However, not everyone will be referred for continuing therapy at the clinic. We make decisions on what we believe will be best for the client.

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